Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Money hacking in Second Life (case study)

Yesterday i was told about a program that allows the user to kinda upload money while the program is hacking into LL servers. There is even a vidio in YouTube that introduces the program. The user sumply starts the program, enters their SL account data and a desired amount of money. 5 minutes after klicking a button the user is receiving the money. Nice idea.

Can it really work? I really hope it can not. Otherwise we are really in trouble. I do not give the link to the program as there is another one i found in few minutes. I'd like to discuss if such program can work in general. I do see three cases here: The program does not work at all, the program works as expected, and the program works but not as the user expects.

Let's start with the simplest case: The program does not work. It has simply text fields to enter data and a few buttons, and plays perhaps some music or a video. Even if the user paid for the download, this case is the best what the user and the rest of SL can hapen. Why? Just look at other cases.